Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Fugelmere Marsh works

There is lots of work going on in Fugelmere Marsh at the moment. The Hart Countryside Rangers alongside lots of volunteer groups have been clearing the willow and alder scrub, and cutting the reedbed.  We do this to stop the trees drying out the reedbed, also the reeds need to be cut on a 7 year rotation as each year the dead stems fall over and create a dense mat so new reeds struggle to grow.

This is a very labour intensive job as the footing is very wet, the reeds need to be strimmed, raked and then burnt.

JDB Contractors are also in Fugelmere Marsh felling the last of the trees next to Sandy Bay.  This area was once part of the pond, but unfortunately it became filled with silt, redds grew and now it is secondary woodland.  By felling the trees, scrapping back the top layer and creating watland pools we will hopefully encourage lots of exciting wetland plants and animals :D I cant wait to see what turns up!

Photo: Lots of exciting works happening at Fleet Pond at the moment.
Photo: Our new Tree Ranger Adam found a soft spot in the marsh! Help or take a photo it is a difficult choice :D
Photo: Assistant Senior Ranger Leigh is clearing up the brash on Fugelmere Marsh. Duke, Will, Adam, Izzy and lots of volunteer groups have done a great job cutting the reeds and scrub earlier this month, then today we are gathering it all up and burning it :D
Photo: Adam and Rachel have made an awesome fire!
Photo: Hard work moving the piles of reed! We cut and burn up all the reed which then lets the next years reed comes back thicker. Which makes a great habitat for  reed warblers :D we cut the reed beds on a 7 year rotation.
Photo: Thank you Leigh for a yummy sausage lunch. Can't beat sausages cooked on a pitch fork, the heat of the metal fork cooks the sausages on the inside :D
Photo: Paul, Bill and Pete came over to join us for sausages :D
Photo: Fugelmere Marsh is looking great! Nearly all of the trees are now felled and cleared up.  It looks quite bare at the moment but JDB will be creating wetland areas to hopefully encorage wetland plants and birds :D I cant wait to see what turns up!

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